20 Best Law Student Memes

By Carson King
Updated: September 14, 2022

There are many ways to deal with stress as a law student, and memes are one of them. Like hand sanitizer, memes solve 99.9% of all life’s problems–warming our hearts in a special way and encouraging us to forget about our woes and worries. Like a bag of skittles, memes also come in all sorts of flavors. So whether you’re a law student, the President of South Sudan, or future me (hi future me), I encourage you to sit back, relax, and grab a Poptart. This blog is for you. 

1.best lawyer meme law student bar exam stress

The Bar Exam makes full grown men cry.

2.best lawyer meme bar exam study Crushendo cost

Be smart. Give yourself the Gift of Christmas–I mean Crushendo.

3.best lawyer meme what lawyers do what really do

My therapist says it’s just a phase. That was 10 years ago.


Well, that’s a pleasant surprise!


Facts!!! FACTS!!!!!!!!

6.best lawyer meme bar exam tomorrow sleep

Unless you go to sleep at 1 AM, then it’s technically the same day…



8.best lawyer meme bar exam defeat crushendo

Don’t trust me, trust the hundreds of students like me (they’re smarter than me anyway).

9.best lawyer meme law school debt diploma

Just when you thought everything was okay…

10.best lawyer meme bar exam law school finals test day

I thought this was everyday? I guess my mom wasn’t wrong: I was special, just in the wrong way.

11.best lawyer meme I like crushendo

And I like cheap gas prices. *Cough*.

12.best lawyer meme law school debt financial support

As if destroying my social life wasn’t enough…

13.best lawyer meme bar exam out of ink test stress

Heart go brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

14.best lawyer meme bar exam baristas spiderman

There’s an imposter among us.


I knew the risks.

16.best lawyer meme defense attorney convicted criminals love me

At least someone does.



18.best lawyer meme attorney defendants save

I feel the same way with my cat.

19.best lawyer meme crushendo mbe outlines

Yes, it is.

20.best lawyer meme lawyers know law judge

And those who know your mom.

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