Everything you really need to know about the history of bar prep in two minutes or less.

And way too much of this. . .

Prices almost on par with pillage

Brick outlines, boring lectures

Delayed and truncated access

Absurd deposits

Traditional Bar Prep

Dark Ages

And more of this. . .

Reasonable price

Concise and memorable

Lifetime access

No deposits

Then came Crushendo.


Two months after full launch, a complaint. . .

R. Heidt, ASU Law

[T]he very best way to memorize black letter law. The audio tracks work nicely with the outlines, which are concise and filled with mnemonics that make it much easier to remember. . .

K. Watkins, BYU Law

I LOVE CRUSHENDO. . . It is a tricky business to concisely explain and teach such a vast amount of information and Crushendo does so in an entertaining, easy-to-listen-to way.

S. Dansie, USD Law

Why has this not already been a hugely popular thing for decades?

M. Folks, Harvard Law

[W]ish I had this when I was a 1L.

Crushendo quickly became the #1-rated audio-based program.

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