Yes. When you buy a Crushendo product, you receive a lifetime license to that product’s content and future updates for personal, non-commercial use. The earlier you buy, the earlier you benefit. And the benefits never expire.

  • Example. A year after crushing the bar with Crushendo, you take a case where you need a quick refresher on family law. You’ll still be able to listen to your Crushendo audio outlines and even access the most up-to-date versions.

That said there are four exceptions to the lifetime access rule:

  • Prolonged account inactivity. If you have not logged into your account for more than two years, we may delete your account.  If your account is deleted due to inactivity, you can create a new account at any time and receive restored access to product(s) previously available on your account upon written request to However, all course progress, including practice question submissions and scores, will not be restored.
  • Refunds or cancellations. If you cancel an order or have it refunded, your access to materials associated with that cancelled or refunded order will be revoked.
  • NCBE content removals. The NCBE occasionally removes certain practice questions from their offerings that the NCBE deems to be outdated or for other reasons. If the NCBE removes any practice questions from their Crushendo offerings for any reason, Crushendo will remove such questions from its materials. However, Crushendo will send you a PDF of such questions prior to their removal from your online account.
  • Abuse or breach. Though sharing online links to Crushendo’s public blog posts, public or unlisted YouTube videos, and other public resources is permitted and encouraged, if we believe you have abused Crushendo’s intellectual property rights or otherwise breached these Terms, we may immediately revoke your access, terminate your account, and pursue damages. For example, if you share your username, password, downloads, or download links, you will have breached these Terms and abused Crushendo’s intellectual property rights.