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“The stuff it tells you sticks because it’s showering you in every memory trick (mnemonics, loci, funny) ever discovered in the last two thousand years.”

Aaron Richardson, Smart Student Secrets

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Best audio law outlines and flashcards, loaded with hundreds of picture-packed, proprietary mnemonics.

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Crush finals throughout law school, slay bar exam prep, and reboot your memory of black letter law anytime after.

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five-star audio outlines

“I love having audio I can listen to in the car and at the gym. As a former teacher, I loooove the mnemonics . . . wish I had this when I was a 1L.”

Matthew Folks, Harvard Law School

five-star audio outlines

“It is a tricky business to concisely explain and teach such a vast amount of information and Crushendo does so in an entertaining, easy-to-listen-to way. Thank you for helping me get away from the computer screen and out into nature while studying!”

Kimberly Watkins, BYU Law School

five-star audio outlines

“I give Crushendo my strongest recommendation. I am convinced this is the very best way to memorize black letter law.”

Ryan Heidt, ASU Law School

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