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Multistate Professional Responsibility
Exam (MPRE) Review

You get awesome professional responsibility and Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE) written and audio outlines and flashcards (yes, audio flashcards). And, if you buy our MPRE Suite, you’ll get real NCBE practice questions.

“I became instantly hooked by Crushendo’s use of mnemonics, concise outlines, and their tips and tricks . . . I had to get their MPRE package. It was the best decision ever.”

— Crystal Giron, New York Law School


MPRE Suite


Complete & Comprehensive MPRE Prep Course

As low as $14/mo

The goodness of MPRE Outlines, and:

120 official MPRE online practice questions from the NCBE

All MPRE questions have explanations

A hyperlink, to the outline(s) that cover the related content, is included with MPRE explanations for your convenience

Only get tested on missed questions when you retake MPRE questions (until you get 100% correct)

Ability to review & analyze all practice question results

Questions are from MPRE simulated exams 1 and 2 (OPE 1 and 2), which cost $120 on the NCBE site.

Help available if you don’t understand a question or answer

Instant & lifetime access (including all future updates)

0% financing available

Premium customer support

30-day, 100% money-back guarantee

MPRE Outlines


Effective & Comprehensive MPRE Prep Supplement

Memorize MPRE rules quickly:

Instant & lifetime access (including all future updates)

MPRE audio outlines

MPRE written outlines

MPRE mnemonics & additional memory hooks

MPRE visual & audio flashcards

MPRE attack outline

Mobile-friendly access

Downloads available

Bonus MPRE tips & tricks whiteboard videos

Customer support

30-day, 100% money-back guarantee

Hear Scott’s awesome story

Scott had less than two days to study for the MPRE. He scored over 100.