Best Audio Outlines for Law School,
Bar Review Prep?

Put down the eye drops. Get off your rear. Embrace the freedom to study anytime, anywhere. All you need is an ear. Audio law outlines help you mitigate exam anxiety and juggle the challenges that life, law school, and bar review prep throw at you.

Comparing options

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the three main audio outlines companies to help you through law school and bar prep:

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audio outlines audiolearn
Rating* Crushendo Bar review rating
Facebook Likes* 4.6K 429 924
Average Time / Subject 60 min. 202 min. 236 min.
All UBE Subjects
Audio Flashcards
250+ Mnemonics
Optional Music

*Ratings and Likes calculated as of February 6, 2020. For AudioOutlines and AudioLearn, rating is based on average Amazon and Audible reviews for UBE-related courses (no Google or Facebook reviews available). For Crushendo, rating is based on average Google and Facebook reviews (no Amazon or Audible reviews available).

Let’s break it down, line by line

First, look at the stars.  AudioLearn lags behind with an average 3.8-star rating. AudioOutlines maintains a more impressive 4.6-star average. But Crushendo has a 5-star rating.

Second, look at the fans.  Though newer than both AudioOutlines and AudioLearn, Crushendo has nearly four times the Facebook likes of AudioOutlines and AudioLearn combined. Facebook popularity certainly doesn’t mean everything but it does mean something.

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Now, let’s talk efficiency.  Everyone knows it’s harder to be concise than verbose. Distilling doctrine to its critical parts is not for the faint of heart. While AudioOutlines and AudioLearn take somewhere between three and four hours on average to cover a given subject, Crushendo does it in just an hour.

What about subjects?  Crushendo wins again, covering all subjects tested on the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE). AudioOutlines misses several, including keystones like civil procedure and evidence. AudioLearn omits secured transactions.

Despite all that, innovation may be the greatest differentiator.  Crushendo offers audio flashcards (affectionately dubbed “CrammerTime”), hundreds of proprietary mnemonics (a.k.a. memory hacks), and even optional classical background music.

That all must mean Crushendo is crazy expensive, right?  True, one thing the comparison chart doesn’t show you is cost. AudioOutlines and AudioLearn both sit in the same ballpark ($20 to $30 per audio outline). Crushendo comes in a touch higher with $49 per audio outline. That said, Crushendo always includes written outlines and visual flashcards to complement your audio.