“The stuff it tells you sticks because it’s showering you in every memory trick (mnemonics, loci, funny) ever discovered in the last two thousand years.”

Aaron Richardson, Smart Student Secrets

five-star audio outlines

“I love having audio I can listen to in the car and at the gym. As a former teacher, I loooove the mnemonics. . . wish I had this when I was a 1L.”

Matthew Folks, Harvard Law School

five-star audio outlines

“I give Crushendo my strongest recommendation. I am convinced this is the very best way to memorize black letter law.”

Ryan Heidt, ASU Law School

five-star audio outlines

“I took a popular commercial course, and nothing provided in that course helped me actually memorize the nuances of the individual rules as well as Crushendo did. In fact, if I had to do it again (and thank goodness I don’t), I would purchase Crushendo’s full UBE course and skip the pricey commercial course because Crushendo uses actual previous MBE questions, unlike some of the other commercial bar prep courses. I also loved and would recommend Crushendo for the MPRE. Crushendo GETS it. And you should get Crushendo.”

Ashley Smith, BYU Law School

five-star audio outlines

“I became instantly hooked by Crushendo’s use of mnemonics, concise outlines, and their tips and tricks from ONE YouTube video, that I had to get their MPRE package. It was the best decision ever. Although I had already purchased an MPRE outline from a popular bar company, it was simply not helping me memorize rule statements. Now, with Crushendo, I am able to go on my hour-long walks with my husky and be repeating the audio outlines, with awesomely vivid mnemonics, and feel like the rule statements are sticking! I have already recommended Crushendo to several classmates and can’t wait to buy their UBE package. Thank you, Crushendo!!”

Crystal Giron, New York Law School

five-star audio outlines

“It is a tricky business to concisely explain and teach such a vast amount of information and Crushendo does so in an entertaining, easy-to-listen-to way. Thank you for helping me get away from the computer screen and out into nature while studying!”

Kimberly Watkins, BYU Law School

five-star audio outlines

“Why has this not already been a hugely popular thing for decades?”

Scott Dansie, San Diego Law School

five-star audio outlines

“What I’ve seen (and heard) so far, I’ve loved. As a commuter, I spend a lot of time listening to audiobooks, so this is the perfect study tool for me. It allows me to use ALL of my time effectively.”

Colten Sponseller, Notre Dame Law School

five-star audio outlines

“I am so glad that I found Crushendo to help me with studying for the MBE portion of the bar exam. The commercial bar prep course that I am using lacks a good resource for memorization that focuses on frequently tested rules and was succinct enough to be able to listen (or read) it over and over again throughout the course of a summer. Thankfully, Crushendo was there to answer my call! I have only used the resources for a few weeks, but I already feel much more confident about the material that I have reviewed with Crushendo so far.”

Ilias Savakis, Boston University Law School