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Six Common 1L Subject Outlines (Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Real Property, & Torts)

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Audio outlines for 6 subjects

Written outlines for 6 subjects

Associated mnemonics & other memory tools

Associated visual & audio flashcards

Associated attack outlines

Strategies & tips on how to crush your 1L year

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One Crushendo Outline to Crush One Law School Exam

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Instant & lifetime access (including all future updates)

One subject’s audio outlines

One subject’s written outlines

One subject’s mnemonics & additional memory hooks

One subject’s visual & audio flashcards

One subject’s attack outline

Mobile-friendly access

Downloads available

Bonus UBE tips & tricks whiteboard videos

Customer support

30-day, 100% money-back guarantee


“I PASSED!!!! Crushendo is like no other bar prep!!! Over the past few years I’ve struggled to pass the exam! I used Barbri, Themis & even Adaptibar, but there was something about these audios that struck a cord! I finally passed & am extremely grateful I took a chance & tried Crushendo! The funny mnemonics & catch phrases made it both fun & easy to memorize things that I was never able to before! I’d recommend them to anyone! Thanks again Crushendo!”

Ke’Line Ajanoh, Arizona Summit Law School

“I highly recommend Crushendo. I took the Nevada Bar Exam and used one of the big companies to prepare for that exam. After passing the Nevada Bar Exam I began practicing law in Las Vegas. When I decided to take the Utah Bar Exam I knew that I would need to take another course in order to pass. I felt overwhelmed because I did not have the time to study after work that many courses require. A friend told me about Crushendo, so I started listening on my commute, while I worked out, etc… I would also spend about two hours a day reading the outlines and memorizing every mnemonic. I was shocked how quickly Crushendo helped me memorize and retain the information. I’m happy to report that Crushendo helped me feel prepared and ultimately pass the Utah exam while allowing me to fulfil my responsibilities as a husband, father, and while working as a full time attorney.”

Burke Williamson, William S. Boyd School of Law at UNLV

“This was by far the MAIN reason I passed the bar exam. Taking the bar exam during a pandemic was daunting, but having outlines that interactive that I can take on a walk – is life saving. This was my second time around DURING A PANDEMIC and I didn’t feel overwhelmed. I found myself quoting the outlines and the mnemonics during the bar exam. I have recommended this bar prep to all upcoming law school grads. This was a saving grace.

I was able to save my mental health and pass the bar exam, which is not something competitors like Barbri allow for.”

April Gregory, Georgetown University Law Center

“I 100% recommend Crushendo for bar prep or during law school. The program gives you the most important information in a way that is easy to understand and memorize. You also have lifetime access to the material which is a huge benefit as well. The audios are about an hour long and during that you get a comprehensive review of the subject with mnemonics to help you memorize it all. I was able to study while I went on walks, sat by the pool, or worked out. I think that was a great benefit as well, as I was able to get outside and stay active and mentally healthy during a high stress time.

On my first bar attempt I used one of the big name bar prep companies. I followed their study plan but I always felt behind and like there would be no way for my to memorize all of the needed information. With Crushendo, I felt confident going into the exam, I felt great about what I had memorized, and my score increased a ton because of it.

I also participated in tutoring from Adam, and again, it was great choice. I did 5 hour long sessions. We would meet once a week and it helped me stay on top of the study plan and stay positive while studying. Usually for the first half of our sessions we would review some of my practice essays, and then for the last half we would go over any questions that came up during the week and work on practice questions. Working with Adam was great. He has a ton of great advice and information to give.

Price wise, I’m pretty sure the total UBE package and my tutoring was still cheaper than buying from a big bar prep company. You may feel nervous going with a newer bar prep company, and the program doesn’t necessarily have all the bells and whistles that others had, but I found it didn’t matter at all. I’m so glad Crushendo was recommended to me and I went with them, I really don’t think I would have passed if it wasn’t for this program!”

MacKenzie, J. Reuben Clark Law School at BYU

“I simply want to thank you and the whole Crushendo team. My bar exam experience is as follows:

Texas bar, Feb. 2016, Themis, studied full time – Failed

Texas bar, Jul. 2016, Themis, studied full time – Failed

Texas bar, Feb. 2017, Barbri, worked PT, studied part-time – Failed

California bar, Feb. 2018, Kaplan, studied full-time – Failed.

UBE, Jul. 2022, Crushendo, worked full-time, studied before and after work and on weekends . . .


It’s a fantastic program, and I’ll basically be a walking ad for it. A bar prep program that prioritizes affordability AND pedagogy AND is accessible to people who can’t afford to not work and put their lives on hold for 3 months? Wild.

Seriously, thank you.”

Jay L., July 2022 UBE Passer (Scored 280+)