Bar Prep Games | Terms and Conditions

You agree to these Terms and Conditions (this “Agreement”) by registering for and competing in the Winter 2021 Bar Prep Games (“Games”).

Who may compete? Any current U.S. law student or recent J.D. graduate (graduated from law school during or after 2018) who is planning to sit for a bar exam. Up to 2,000 contestants may compete. No account is required. If over 2,000 U.S. law students and recent law graduates register, priority will be given to the first 2,000 who registered.

  • The 2,000 cap is a third-party limitation by the gaming software we will be using, Kahoot. Kahoot has represented to The Bar Prep Games that its games can accommodate up to 2,000 players. If for any reason, Kahoot does not have the capacity to actually host that many players in the Games, the first registrants will have first priority and we will attempt to accommodate as many players as we reasonably can. You agree to hold harmless the Games and its sponsor, Crushendo, LLC, if you are among the first 2,000 qualified registrants and are unable to effectively compete in the Games due to technical limitations.

Venue. The Games will be held virtually on Thursday, February 4 at 12 pm (Central) via video chat and You will need a strong internet connection, and two devices to compete. One device to watch the video chat, where questions will be displayed, and one device to answer the questions on Kahoot. Alternatively, if you have a widescreen computer, you can use two windows, one on each side of your screen (one for the video chat and one for Kahoot).

To compete, you must be present on the video chat at the start of the Games (the link will be emailed to you at the email address provided on your registration at least 20 minutes before the Games begin). It is advisable that you navigate to that link at least a few minutes before the Games begin.


There will be a brief introduction at the start of the Games, as well as a one-question practice game to orient those who have never played Kahoot before. We’ll do our best to explain the Games before they begin, but you agree to hold harmless the Games and its sponsor, Crushendo, LLC, if you cannot figure out how to play properly.

There will be seven timed MBE-style questions, one for each subject tested on the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE). There will be a countdown to the start of each question. Between questions, the host will explain the correct answer to the question. Each question must be answered individually, without collaboration with others, except as explicitly and specifically approved by us prior to the Games for accessibility purposes (e.g., if you are blind you can have a friend or family member read the question and answer prompts, and mechanically assist you in choosing the answer you believe is correct). Reasonable suspicion of prohibited collaboration will result in immediate disqualification.


Scoring will be done through Kahoot’s automated system. Correct answers will be awarded points. The faster the question is answered correctly by a contestant, the greater the points awarded to that contestant for that question. No points are awarded for incorrect answers. Those with the highest total scores after all seven questions will be declared winners.


There is no cost to compete, other than the costs inherent to your internet connection and devices.

Privacy and identification at the Games

Your email address will only be used for correspondence related to The Bar Prep Games and its sponsor, Crushendo, LLC. You can unsubscribe at any time through the link provided in each email.

When the Games begin, we will email you the PIN you need to enter the Games (do not share that PIN with anyone else). After entering the PIN, you will enter your email address (so we can confirm your identity) and then select a nickname. Your nickname will be publicly visible during the Games.


Cash prizes

  • 1st place wins up to $4,000 ($2 / per contestant in the Games, up to 2,000 contestants allowed).
  • 2nd place wins up to $2,000 ($1 / per contestant in the Games, up to 2,000 contestants allowed).
  • 3rd place wins up to $1,000 ($0.50 / per contestant in the Games, up to 2,000 contestants allowed).

In the event of ties, cash prizes will be split evenly. For example, if two people tie for 1st place, the total prize money for 1st and 2nd place will be aggregated and split 50/50. If two people tie for 3rd place, the prize money for 3rd place will be split 50/50. In no event, will the Games or its sponsor, Crushendo, LLC, pay out more than $7,000 in cash prizes.

Other prizes

  • Faux crystal trophies (retail value of less than $100) to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.
  • Shirts to the top 20 contestants (retail value of less than $20).

How prizes will be sent. All prizes will be sent by U.S. mail to the mailing address you will provide The Bar Prep Games upon winning. Prizes will be shipped within 45 days of the close of the Games. Cash prizes will be paid by check. Prizes can only be sent within the United States.

Tax ramifications. If you win a cash prize, you will be solely responsible for any tax consequences of receiving the money. If your award is equal to or more than $600, you will be mailed a 1099 to the same address we use for your prizes.

Internet or technology issues. You agree that neither the Games, nor its sponsor, Crushendo, LLC, will have any liability or legal responsibility if internet or other technological issues negatively impact or preclude your participation in the Games. Such internet or technological issues may include, but are not limited to, problems with your internet connection and devices, problems with the Games’ and Crushendo’s internet connection and devices, problems with the video chat provider’s hosting and delivery of its services, and problems with Kahoot’s hosting and delivery of its services.

Cancellation or postponement. We may postpone or cancel the Games at any time, for any reason. In the event of a postponement or cancellation, we will notify you via your registration email address.

Governing Law

This Agreement is governed by the laws of the United States and the State of Utah.


Internal Resolution – If you have concerns or claims with respect to your participation in the Games, email We’ll investigate and attempt to promptly resolve any complaints.

Arbitration – If your complaint cannot be resolved through our internal process, you agree to resolve your complaint through arbitration. If arbitration is necessary, it will be conducted by telephone and email, and if it must be done in person, it will be conducted in Salt Lake City, Utah. The arbitration will be conducted by an arbitrator from the American Arbitration Association, and under the rules of commercial arbitration of that association, to the extent they’re not inconsistent with these Agreement. Both parties will equally share the cost of arbitration. Attorney fees will be awarded to the prevailing party. All decisions of the arbitrator will be final and binding on both parties and enforceable in any court of competent jurisdiction. For additional information you may visit

Court – If, for whatever reason, arbitration is unenforceable, lawsuits must be brought before a court in Utah County, Utah. Attorney fees will be awarded to the prevailing party.

Severability – If, for whatever reason, an arbitrator or court finds any part of these Agreement to be unenforceable, all other parts will remain in force.


You have a responsibility to review this Agreement periodically. We may revise this Agreement at any time. If we make a change to this Agreement that, in our sole discretion, is material, we will update this webpage and may send an email to the address associated with your registration. By continuing to engage with the Games after those changes become effective, you agree to be bound by those changes regardless of whether we have issued an email notification.



Updated: 2/2/2021

Effective: 9/21/2020