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Crushendo Barbri Themis Kaplan AmeriBar BarMax AdaptiBar Quimbee
*Cost $790 $1,999-3,999 $2,595 $2,199-3,999 $1,295-2,295 $2,495 $395-960 $999
NCBE Questions 2,000+ 100+ 1,350+ 1,200+ 1,400+ 1,995+ 1,758+ 2,200+
Audio Flashcards
250+ Mnemonics
Access Period Lifetime 8-10 weeks 4 months 4 months Up to 3 years Lifetime 5-12+ months 4 months
Financing 3 payments $250 registration
Founded 2017 1974 2008 1938 1999 2010 2003 2007
Phone (385) 482-1776 (888) 322-7274 (888) 843-6476 (626) 390-7170 (877) 942-2763 (800) 529-2651 (877) 466-1250 N/A

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five-star audio outlines

“I give Crushendo my strongest recommendation. I am convinced this is the very best way to memorize black letter law.”

Ryan Heidt, ASU Law School

Crushendo’s written and audio outlines utilize 250+ proprietary mnemonics to help you memorize everything you need to know to pass the bar exam on your first try.

Crushendo’s complete bar prep course, the UBE Suite, costs $790 and includes 2,000+ official practice questions from the NCBE.

Crushendo offers lifetime access for all of its bar exam prep products.

Adam Balinski founded Crushendo Bar Review in 2017 (read the founding story here).

The Harcourt publishing company founded Barbri in 1974 when it acquired two bar review programs. Since its founding, Barbri has been owned by large firms including Thomson Reuters and Leeds Equity Partners.

Barbri products have been used by more than a million law school students. In the last 20 years Barbri has settled multiple antitrust lawsuits.

Barbri’s traditional bar prep programs cost $1,999-3,999 and some include 100+ official NCBE questions from past bar exams.

Barbri offers access to its traditional, full-time bar prep course for 8-10 weeks, but early access can be purchased.

Themis Bar Review is based in Chicago and was founded in 2008.

Themis’s bar prep program costs $2,595 and includes 1,350+ NCBE questions.

Themis offers access to its online products for four months.

Stanley Kaplan founded Kaplan, Inc. in 1938.

Kaplan jumped into the bar review space in 2006 when it acquired PMBR, a company that provides test prep for the MBE. In 2008 Kaplan expanded its bar review offerings.

Kaplan’s bar prep programs cost $2,199-3,999 and include 1,200+ NCBE questions.

Kaplan offers access to its online products for four months.

Alexander Nakis founded AmeriBar in 1999. It’s headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida.

AmeriBar’s bar exam prep programs cost $1,295-2,295 and include 1,400+ NCBE questions.

AmeriBar offers access to its online products for up to three years.

Michael Ghaffary and Mehran Ebadolahi founded BarMax in 2010.

BarMax’s bar prep course costs $2,495 and includes 1,995+ NCBE questions.

BarMax offers lifetime access to its online products.

Tarek Fadel founded AdaptiBar in 2003.

AdaptiBar’s MBE prep program costs $395-960 and includes up to 1,758+ NCBE questions.

AdaptiBar offers access to its online products for 5-12 months, or more if you pay extra for early access.

Matt Sellers founded Quimbee in 2007.

Quimbee’s bar prep program costs $999 and includes up to 2,200+ NCBE questions.

Quimbee offers access to its online product for 4 months.