Crushendo 2.0 | Opt In for Early Access

Drilling the law in roughly five-minute segments is more effective than listening to hour-long lectures. But we’ve done some testing, and it turns out that even smaller chunks are even more helpful.

Today, we’re excited to announce Crushendo 2.0, featuring “rechunked” audio and web outlines. We’ve gone even more micro in how we serve up our material, making things even more digestible and memorable.

Example of New Outlines

Wait, please don’t make changes right before the bar.

If that’s how you’re feeling, we hear you and we get it. Though it will make the transition more complicated for us, we want to serve all of our users as best as possible. So, we’re not forcing these upgrades on any of the content you currently have until after the October bar exam.

That said, because our beta testing was so successful, we still want to give you the option to try the new format as soon as possible.


If I opt in for early access, will I immediately lose access to the old audio and web outlines? 
No. You will have access to both formats until after the October bar exam.

Does opting in cost anything? 

How long will it take after I opt in to get access to the new versions? 
1-3 days, as we will have to manually adjust your account.

Aside from formatting, are the 2.0 outlines any different? 
No, they cover the same material, just in smaller audio and web chunks. (The PDFs are exactly the same.)

Is there a deadline to opt in? 

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