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On Typing Speed, Law School Grades, and Passing the Bar

By Carson King
Updated: July 15, 2020

If you can type this sentence in less than 18 seconds, you have an edge over your classmates.

That’s right! The average typer can type the above sentence in just under 30 seconds. Imagine you’re in class. You’ve been assigned a paper on legal theory. Five pages, due next Thursday. You’re a smart student, so no worries, right?

Ha! So you thought.

Assuming each page is around 500 words (so 2500 words total) and assuming you’re an average typist and your brain can keep up with your fingers, you can have the essay finished in 62.5 minutes.

However, across the classroom, there’s another student. Let’s call him Jeff. Jeff has a WPM of 60. While it’s only 20 more WPM than you, he can finish in 41 minutes. And that’s only the beginning!

For every 30 minutes of notes you take, Jeff can write the same in 20 minutes. He’s running circles around you! While you slowly churn out 40 words a minute, he’s chilling with an extra episode of The Office. Are you ‘OK’ with this mediocrity or do you have what it takes to become a keyboard master?!


Earn your spot on the couch

Netflix, League of Legends, or whatever you call leisure time has never been more valuable. Especially now, are you kidding me? Law school was never a land of rainbows and sunshine–this is a war zone 10x more intense then any RPS game you’ve played. The violence of war can only be snuffed out with the defeat of the final boss: the bar exam.

So buckle up and grab some tissues.

If Abe Lincoln could scream anything into your ears, it would probably be this quote: “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.”

Now, for those who think, “I don’t need to improve my typing speed” or “I’m already at 50 WPM,” please, don’t take my word for it! Take a look at this research by BYU Law professors. Look at the cold, hard data. Typing speed truly does matter.

Learning to improve your WPM is an investment for all school and work, years to come. You think you can get a job working in a law firm without typing?! Bah! It’s time to stop looking for a time machine, and start improving how you use your time.

Tips, tricks, and hacks

When improving typing, avoid these like the Bubonic plague:

  • Looking at the keyboard
  • Sacrificing accuracy for speed
  • A horrible posture (a diploma isn’t worth back surgery)
  • Crying

As with all skill sets, typing requires time and energy. But remember, you’re not alone! There are thousands of people like you trying to find their way in this desolate wilderness. A myriad of typing communities and Reddit forums are ever-ready to embrace a long-lost sister or brother.

Online support. There are hundreds of websites 100% dedicated to helping you type faster. A simple google search can pull up a list of miracles. For starters, I suggest you check out Keybr to test the waters.

Which path to take?

Surely like you can read this post like any other post. Skim over it, then click CTRL + W so you can catch up on some YouTube. Or, you can actually use this as an excuse to craft your legacy. The science is real. The opportunity is here.

You no longer need to be a truck driver trying to guide a spaceship. You have the tools and resources to evolve to the next level of your journey. The question is, are you ready to abandon average?

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