hitler fails bar exam

Fuhrer Fails Bar Exam: Video Parody

By Natalie White
Updated: July 1, 2020

As the bar exam gets closer and closer, the pressure to succeed builds. It seems that everything is on the line—three years of law school, thousands of dollars of student debt, weeks and months of studying—all to pass the bar exam. It seems that your very sanity relies on passing this twelve-hour, two-day test.

And sometimes, after all that, you fail.

This video parody, featuring a scene from WWII drama Downfall, brings to life the pain and heartache of failing the bar exam. You may relate to the repeated multiple choice practice tests, the bottles of eye drops, and the attorney show binge-watching.

As desperate as you may feel during your bar exam study, remember that this test is not your whole world. You might feel as tightly wound as Hitler himself. You might feel that your future is slipping through your fingers. But take a deep breath. Watch a funny Youtube video. Remember the big picture. Know that many people fail the bar and still succeed in life. Things will work out.

While you’re waiting to see if you passed or failed the bar exam, have a good laugh with this funny “Hitler reacts” parody. Regardless of what happens, remember it could be worse: You could fail the bar exam and be Hitler.

About the author

Natalie White is a 1L at BYU Law School. She likes eating homemade ice cream, driving mopeds, and reading dense legal arguments before bed.

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