Utah Amends Law School Graduate Practice Eligibility

Utah Bar Extends Law School Graduate Practice Eligibility

By Adam Balinski
Updated: June 13, 2022

Great news for bar preppers practicing in Utah under its law school graduate legal assistance rule!

Effective June 8th, qualifying law school graduates are eligible to practice an extra six months under the rule (total eligibility bumped from one year up to eighteen months) and may still practice under the rule if they’ve failed the bar exam once.

Previously, law school graduates practicing under the rule had their eligibility terminated upon notice of failure to pass the bar exam. Now, graduates may practice under the rule until they’ve failed the bar exam twice.

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You can read the complete amended and redlined Utah Bar practice rule here:

Rule 14-807. Law school student and law school graduate legal assistance.

This new amendment to the Utah rule should be a blessing for many recent law school graduates.

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