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By Adam Balinski
Updated: February 8, 2023

We’re looking to expand the Crushendo affiliate program. We have seen great success with it since its limited launch a couple years ago and are opening the doors beyond professional marketers to law students, law graduates, and bar exam tutors.

Affiliate rewards, compensation

Crushendo affiliates are non-employee, independent contractors who earn 10% of sales from purchasers who find Crushendo through a personalized affiliate link. Crushendo tracks purchases from the personalized link over a 30-day period.

Crushendo gives affiliates personalized discount codes to help facilitate affiliate sales.

Application process

The application process is easy. Simply visit this link, review and agree to the Crushendo affiliate program terms, and create a free affiliate account.

After you join, we will reach out to you to answer any questions you may have and give you your affiliate promo code.

How affiliates spread the word

You don’t have to create a marketing website. You can simply email your link to friends and share it on social media, like Instagram or LinkedIn. You may especially find success on Facebook pages or Reddit forums related to bar exam preparation or law school success. Additionally, it costs nothing to create YouTube vlogs about your Crushendo experience or videos reviewing Crushendo’s products. If you’re a tutor, tell your students about us and explain how we might provide them unique and innovative tools.

Some examples of helpful marketing points:

FAQs about the Crushendo affiliate program

Is there a time commitment for participation in the affiliate program?


How are affiliates paid?

Monthly via Veem or PayPal.

Do you have to have experience using Crushendo to participate?

Though experience using Crushendo is helpful, it is not required.

Can tutors get access to Crushendo’s outlines to help them work effectively with their students?

Yes. Tutors can be given free access to Crushendo’s outlines to aid in tutoring.

About the author

Adam Balinski is a former TV reporter turned attorney entrepreneur. He founded Crushendo after graduating summa cum laude from BYU Law and scoring in the top 5% nationally on the Uniform Bar Exam. Adam is currently writing a book called, “The Law School Cheat Code: Everything You Never Knew You Needed to Know About Crushing Law School.”

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