Why Crushendo Is the Best Bar Exam Prep Course for Podcast Lovers

By Carson King
Updated: December 17, 2022

For thousands of years, dogs were man’s best friend. Until . . . podcasts! Honestly, podcasts even act like dogs. For example: dogs follow you around everywhere. So do podcasts. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes–just like podcasts.

But whether you like dogs or podcasts, you are sure to love Crushendo: the friendliest dog of all. It’s your ‘best friend’, who’ll help you pass the bar exam and follow you everywhere. Do you know what that means? You can study anywhere, anytime–the possibilities are almost endless!

“Crushendo is like no other bar prep!!! Over the past few years, I’ve struggled to pass the exam! I used Barbri, Themis, and even AdaptiBar, but there was something about these audios that struck a cord! I finally passed and am extremely grateful I took a chance and tried Crushendo!”

KeLine Ajanoh, New Mexico Bar Exam
Ciara Shea Passed the Bar Exam

“If you’re looking for a modern, approachable, and clear bar prep course, look no further. Don’t waste your time on any other bar prep company.”

Ciara Shea, University of the Pacific - McGeorge School of Law
April Gregory Passed the Bar Exam

“This was a saving grace. I was able to save my mental health and pass the bar exam, which is not something competitors, like Barbri, allow for.”

April Gregory, Georgetown University School of Law

“unlike all other major bar reviews available (Kaplan, Barbri, Themis) . . . I highly recommend this to first-time and repeat takers”

Patricia Rivera, Charleston School of Law

“I drive for work and I was able to use that time driving for effective study using Crushendo. I love the format and acronyms. I give it 5 stars and it earned every single one.”

Barbara Finlinson, BYU Law School

“Crushendo helped me pass the UT bar exam with a 95-percentile score on the MBE—while I was working full-time.”

Todd Bouton, Harvard Law School

“Excellent product; highly recommended . . . It gave me the flexibility that I needed and that wasn’t available elsewhere”

Grey Lund, BYU Law School

Meet your new best friend

Crushendo breaks the ‘bar prep’ narrative in a simple way: you should be able to live a healthy life WHILE preparing for the bar exam. With Crushendo, you can expect to spend about 40% of your study time using audio outlines, which will give you the flexibility to live your life beyond the library or office. For example, while you study, you can jog, cook, or paint the Mona Lisa 2.0. No longer is bar exam prep some cruel ruler, demanding your entire heart as sacrifice. Instead, you can satisfy bar prep demands by working smarter, not harder. This is why thousands of podcast-loving law students and graduates have chosen Crushendo.

Control your environment

Did you know studying outside actually increases focus and energy? Multiple studies have linked sunlight and fresh air to lower stress, a boost in memory, and Vitamin D! The ‘ace’ card for audio learning is simple: you completely control your environment. Suddenly, you’re not tied to a desk, room, or building! Anything and everything you do can also be ‘study’ time. Doing dishes? Study! Exercising? Study! The implications are enormous. 

Not only this, but Crushendo has thousands of colorful, vibrant flashcards for a more focused, sit-down study routine. You can spice up any audio segment at anytime, by simply following the written outline and illustrations that accompany each bar prep subject.

Audio learning is insanely effective

Most bar prep resources come in the form of books, flashcards, and essays . . . all effective in their own right. With Crushendo, however, you can ‘spice up’ your other senses with various other styles. Studies around the world say the same thing: the more senses you engage while learning, the more information you’ll retain. Not to mention, over 30% of people are auditory learners, making Crushendo even more relevant.

Master the mnemonics

Mnemonics are powerful memory devices and Crushendo is loaded with them. While some podcasts are bland and mind-dulling, Crushendo is the exact opposite. It’s loaded with proprietary, iconic mnemonics for fast, active, and effective learning–making the result a highly vivid and memorable experience.

Turn up the music!

Who loves music? I do! While Crushendo offers optional classical background music throughout all of its bar exam prep courses, you can also enjoy your own music. (I listen to Epic Celtic Battle music with Crushendo . . . it’s pretty epic). Music can make you more productive and it’s also a nice cherry on top–certainly a game-changer for me!

Speed, loops, and autoplay!

On a finer note, Crushendo gives 110% of its power to the listener. Want to listen at 2x speed? Easy. Want to loop a specific lesson, until you master it like a champ? That’s a brilliant idea. We recommend it. Crushendo gives you a magic wand that puts the Elder Wand from Harry Potter to shame.

Lifetime access

Study for bar-related final exams, crush the bar exam, and reboot your memory anytime after. Lifetime access includes access to future audio updates!

My experience

As someone who’s explored Crushendo inside-and-out, I cannot recommend it highly enough. It’s a powerful resource and the freedom that comes with it is a sanity saver. With its hours of audio, and many visual flashcards, you can become the bar exam prep champion you always wanted to be.

Carson King law school blogger for Crushendo

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Carson King is a content writer, author, and globetrotter. He’s volunteered internationally through various organizations and written for numerous corporations. When he’s not writing or reading, you can find him with a cup of Mexican hot chocolate.

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