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Why Crushendo is the Best Bar Prep Course for Podcast Lovers

By Carson King
Updated: January 10, 2022

Podcasts have become a one billion dollar industry . . . and it really is not surprising why. Whether it’s listening to Twilight on Audible, or reviewing Spanish vocabulary on Spotify, podcasts save lives. The unlikely marriage between bar prep and podcasts has given birth to the most modern, on-the-go form of bar prep in the 21st century. The era of textbooks is finally coming to a close. Crushendo is the eco-friendly, mobile bar prep that students have dreamed about for years.

1. Study on the go

Have somewhere to be? No worries! Throw on some headphones, and study on the road. Really, it’s no hassle; Crushendo was designed for this. Not only is the entire course available via audio, it also has a vast library of images and flashcards whenever you’re ready. With Crushendo, the world is your classroom . . . you can study anywhere.

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2. Master the mnemonics

Some podcasts are bland and mind-dulling. Crushendo is far from that. It’s loaded with mnemonics for fast, active, and effective learning. These “memory devices” are strategically placed in each lesson for optimal memorization and review. The result is a highly vivid, effective experience. 

3. Turn up the music!

Who loves music? Pretty much everyone! Crushendo offers background music throughout all of its courses. Also, feel free to play your own music with Crushendo! I do this all the time with KPop.

crushendo bar exam podcast lovers audio music listen

4. Speed, loops, and autoplay!

In addition, Crushendo gives 110% of its power to the listener. Want to listen at 2x speed? Done. Want to loop a specific audio segment? Done. Crushendo is the magic wand that makes the impossible possible.

crushendo bar exam podcast lovers audio speed loops autoplay

My experience

As someone who has explored Crushendo inside-and-out, I cannot recommend it highly enough. The visuals are stunning. It has 100% audio capabilities and gives my multi-tasking instincts an absolute field day. While other bar prep services have some audio content, it’s not as comprehensive or as helpful as Crushendo’s. With Crushendo, I can do origami or bake a cake . . . an experience the big name bar prep courses simply can’t match. 

So yeah, I love Crushendo. 

Don’t just take my word for it though. Check out what other people are saying about Crushendo here.

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