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Student Loans Made Affordable

By Zac Meyer
Updated: April 1, 2022

Graduate school—or really any college education for that matter—can be one of the most important times of life. It’s the time to pursue professional education and prepare for your future career. So much of it is enthralling, demanding and exciting; but, as with life, sometimes the good comes with the bad. 

Student loans can be overwhelming, scary, and something that hangs around like a dark, annoying shadow. Top of the line education comes at top of the line costs and according to some studies, the average student debt after graduate school is over $71,000. 

You would think that after the thousands of students with thousands of dollars of debt there would be a better way. It must be possible to get educated without steep interest rates and years of debt. As it turns out, there actually is. It all starts here. (As a nice little addition, anyone who signs up for Juno using that link will support Crushendo financially to keep providing the awesome content that it does!)

Juno is a company founded by students and for students. It helps ensure that students looking for loans get them with the lowest possible interest rates. That is a guarantee. They even have pages for specific groups of students and loans like this page for law students. Along with this, Juno has great options for refinancing student loans. Whether you are looking to take out a student loan or you already have one, Juno is the answer when it comes to saving money. 

You can read a little bit more about how it all works on their website, but to give a brief outline it all starts with getting together a large group of individuals looking for loans. Then Juno, on behalf of the group, informs the lenders of them and has the lenders give competing offers. These offers are then shared directly with the students. 

All in all, Juno gives students free access to loans with lower interest rates than you can believe. It is certainly something worth checking out and something that can save you thousands. The time that you spend looking into it will definitely pay off. Given the little time—no more than a couple hours—and the large amount saved—possibly thousands of dollars—the return is, without a doubt, worth-while. 

Instead of spending money to earn money, spend some time to save money. Getting an education is something that will pay off dividends forever. Getting it at a little cheaper of a price is something that everyone can benefit from. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go check out Juno!

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About the author

Zac Meyer is a current college student studying applied math and business strategy. He loves doing all things outdoors especially rock climbing, skiing, and all sports. Zac loves doing humanitarian trips with different NGO’s and helping in the community.

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