Can You Study 12 Hours a Day?

By Carson King
Updated: October 15, 2021

This isn’t a joke. There is a student who studies 12 hours a day . . . and he’s done it for a year. Meet James Scholz, the man behind it all. What began as an experimental live-stream on his YouTube channel, became a routine 12-hour habit. Within a year, he studied over 4380 hours, and gained 400k Subscribers in the process. Wow! 

To put that into context, it’s recommended you study 400 hours for the bar exam. James did that 10 times over.

His advice for students

James Scholz is a man with a plan. After all, he’s done this for years now. His advice is to: 

His video on the subject (linked here) goes into depth on everything else. Highly recommended! 

What now?

Most people don’t—or can’t—study for so long. That’s ok. In the end, James proves that a little commitment can go a long way, and permanently transform your life. While it’s not everybody’s destiny to become a 12-hour-a-day student, why not do something extraordinary? 

If you are studying for the bar exam, it may be the perfect time to try a 12-hour-a-day routine and truly commit to your studies. This may be one of the few times in your life where your full time job is studying.

I’m going to listen to Lofi Girl and study. How about you?

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