get smarter watching youtube 2x speed

How Do I Get Smarter? Try Watching YouTube on 2x Speed

By Carson King
Updated: January 20, 2021

Speed watching is the new speed reading. It’s (arguably) the easiest way to save time, and workout your brain. And don’t worry! Once you get used to watching videos on 2x speed, everything else will seem so . . . slow. 

Brain exercise

Like walking, watching videos doesn’t require much thought. It just happens. Walking is good, but it lacks the benefits of jogging.

There is power in speed. 

With 2x speed:

  • You’re “jogging” your brain
  • Your brain increases brain processing speed
  • Your memory improves

And think about it! You can do this on YouTube—while watching cat videos! 

Save time

This is likely the reason you’re here—to save time. 2x the speed, 2x the time saved. Easy math, easy result.

More learning

Have you ever fallen asleep in the classroom, because the teacher was so monotone?

Doing things “normally” has a similar effect. The brain only “engages” with an activity as much as it needs to. It’s not going to activate nine gigs of horsepower when you’re playing Candy Crush.

By putting our brain in an uncomfortable position—aka 2x speed—the brain puts itself into an “alert,” fight-or-flight state. This means:

  • Better focus
  • Better learning

It’s simple, but powerful.

The final hoorah

While watching videos in 2x is amazing on so many levels . . .

It’s not the answer for everything.

  • Some tutorials, DIY’s, and educational videos are naturally more dense with information, so watching it 2x as fast is impractical
  • Sometimes you just want to sit back, relax, and enjoy an episode of Dude Perfect

Nothing here is a permanent Law of Nature. Feel free to experiment with 1.25x or 1.75x speed. Try using subtitles to keep up, or wear earbuds to better concentrate.

2x speed isn’t always the answer, but it’s an option you should never forget.

Carson King law school blogger for Crushendo

About the author

Carson King is a content writer, author, and globetrotter. He’s volunteered internationally through various organizations and written for numerous corporations. When he’s not writing or reading, you can find him with a cup of Mexican hot chocolate.

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