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100% recommend Crushendo for bar prep or during law school . . .
really don’t think I would have passed if it wasn’t for this program!

MacKenzie Potter, BYU Law School

Bar Exam Prep

“I PASSED!!!! Crushendo is like no other bar prep!!! Over the past few years, I’ve struggled to pass the exam! I used Barbri, Themis, and even AdaptiBar, but there was something about these audios that struck a cord! I finally passed and am extremely grateful I took a chance and tried Crushendo!”

Ke'Line Ajanoh, Arizona Summit Law School
Ciara Shea Passed the Bar Exam

“If you’re looking for a modern, approachable, and clear bar prep course, look no further. Don’t waste your time on any other bar prep company.”

Ciara Shea, University of the Pacific - McGeorge School of Law

“Excellent product; highly recommended . . . It gave me the flexibility that I needed and that wasn’t available elsewhere”

Grey Lund, BYU Law School
April Gregory Passed the Bar Exam

“This was a saving grace. I was able to save my mental health and pass the bar exam, which is not something competitors, like Barbri, allow for.”

April Gregory, Georgetown University School of Law

“I drive for work and I was able to use that time driving for effective study using Crushendo. I love the format and acronyms. I give it 5 stars and it earned every single one.”

Barbara Finlinson, BYU Law School

“unlike all other major bar reviews available (Kaplan, Barbri, Themis) . . . I highly recommend this to first-time and repeat takers”

Patricia Rivera, Charleston School of Law

“Crushendo helped me pass the UT bar exam with a 95-percentile score on the MBE—while I was working full-time.”

Todd Bouton, Harvard Law School

“I absolutely love Crushendo! It helped me get the best grades of my law school career so far. The illustrations, audio outlines, and mnemonic devices were especially helpful for preparing me for my closed book finals.”

JerMara Watkins, University of Nevada Law School

“Great product, only used it for my torts class so far, but I got a better grade in that class than any other! Will definitely use it for everything else going forward.”

Sheldon Bartholomew, BYU Law School

“I have found Crushendo so helpful in Law school . . . I love their method to remember the key points.”

Dr. Stephaine Buffaloe, Birmingham School of Law

“Crushendo is an innovative and disruptive product that is visually appealing, mentally stimulating, and helps you learn and RETAIN the foundational principles and concepts of the law for each course. The instructional design is very effective at breaking down complex concepts into digestible chunks aided by witty graphics and clever acronyms.”

Zachariah Haws, BYU Law School

“Crushendo has been a lifeline during 1L year! Can’t wait to keep using it during my last 2 years of school and to study for the bar. The outlines and audio make studying for finals more enjoyable and actually help make the voluminous materials memorable long past exams.”

Allison Martinez
McKay Randall Crushed Law School Final Exams

“I used the property course during my 1L year (got an A), and have just started the Evidence course to prepare for my 2L finals. The courses provide me a new way to study while I am not in the library. I love listening while commuting or exercising, and the material definitely sticks. Crushendo’s courses are really helpful!”

McKay Randall, Arizona State Law School

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